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Tim Hamons

Tim is a trainer, consultant and facilitator.  He originally trained in visual communication and design and developed corporate identities for over 50 companies in USA, Europe, and Asia. Tim has a particular interest in enabling people to contribute fully and creatively to their endeavors, and sees this as benefiting individuals, their organizations, and society at large.

Tim works with individuals and teams wanting to develop their highest potential, and those dealing with particular challenges in working life. His work has a strong focus on the use of experiential learning methods in developing individuals and teams. He also uses visual facilitation and visual recording to more fully engage participants in conferences, meetings and brainstorming sessions. His current areas of interest include the importance of play in organizations for developing a culture of innovation, and the relationship between intuition and creativity for leaders. This includes team facilitation, culture change, communication and creativity workshop design and presentation. He has designed and delivered talks and workshops for many leading organizations in Singapore and the region,

His interest in the mandala began as a journey of personal development many years ago, as a parallel to the creation of Singapore’s first Holistic Health Publication, “Be. Magazine”. It was at the subsequent holistic festivals that he began sharing his experience with the process of making mandalas for personal and spiritual awareness. He has since shared this personal development tool with hundreds of individuals and groups. The mandala continues to play a part in both his personal and professional endeavors. He will be sharing new insights on how to use the mandala for intuitive decision-making.

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