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Tania Bosak

Tania Bosak is a Senior level TaKeTiNa teacher, professional percussionist, theatre worker, and composer. TaKeTiNa is a rhythm and transformational process which greatly informs her work across the arts and education sectors and forms the foundation of her work as a rhythm specialist.

She currently teaches TaKeTiNa  nationally and internationally and her own work Pulse Rhythm work, which combines 20 years of work and research as an educator of rhythm, music, movement and performance.

Tania is also currently undertaking the Master Level TaKeTiNa Training with Reinhard Flatischler and is assisting Reinhard Flatischler in Teacher trainings and drum and percussion trainings in Australia and Europe.

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WHAT’S NEXT  you ask??    Session 5 with Christian Herron, Session 6 with Michelle Walker and Session 7 with Tim Hamons.
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